The Dating Detox – Gemma Burgess

If you can’t date anyone nice, don’t date anyone at all…

Dating is a dangerous sport. So after her sixth successive failed relationship, romantically-challenged 20-something Sass decides she’s had enough.

The Dating Detox is born. No men, no break-ups, no problem.

The result? Her life – usually joyfully/traumatically occupied with dates, clothes and vodka – is finally easy. Chastity rocks. No wonder nuns are always singing. Everything falls at her feet. Especially men.

Will Sass break the rules? Why does fate keep throwing her in the path of the irritatingly amusing – and gorgeous – Jake? Will she ever roll the dice and play again? Or is a love-free life too good to risk losing?

For the post-Carrie Bradshaw, post-Bridget Jones, post-credit crunch generation of singles, life isn’t beautiful, a bitch, or a beach. It’s a party.

I think it’s a first for me.  To read a book from one author and then run straight to another.  Normally if I like a author I’ll download another, but I’d read a book from a different author; in a way cleansing my reading pallet 🙂 before coming back to this author.  But after A Girl Like You I had to read more Gemma Burgess!  This book like AGLY was excellent.  It had me in stitches, it had me wanting for more.  It shows really well a girl’s insecurities about dating and also the rituals a girl would try in order for things to go their way.  Hands up who has a lucky clutch??  I do, I also have lucky socks, consider my Links of London bracelet lucky and haven’t walked on  three drains in a row.

This book made me want to up sticks and move to London, just so I could become a copywriter and live Sass’ life.  And I’m a country girl at heart!!! lol  This book is so going on my must read list.


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