Love Rules – Freya North


Thea Luckmore, a composed and dedicated massage therapist believes in love, the magic spark of true, old-fashioned love. She has to fall head over heels, or rather, heart over head.

However, her best friend Alice Heggarty, a spirited and successful magazine publisher, has always been a slave to lust though invariably it ends in tears. Turning 30, as yet another disastrous relationship ends, Alice makes a decision. It’s time to marry and she knows just the man who would make an excellent husband.
For Thea, a chance encounter on Primrose Hill ignites that elusive spark she’s preoccupied with… Saul Mundy promises to be the perfect fit and Thea finds herself falling deeply in love and loving it.
But though newly-wed Alice encourages Thea to settle down, Alice herself finds that she’s not as keen as she thought on playing by the rules. She starts to break them left, right and centre… At the same time, Thea’s world is shaken to core.


Love. Sex. Fidelity. Friendship. What’s it all about?

I really, really enjoyed this book.  It’s not your normal chick lit, romance novel.  If you’re a sucker for a happy love conquers all story you might feel a bit cheated with this book.  However Freya has written in a happy (if rushed) ending.  I love her books, they aren’t the easiest of reads, but I think that is what appeals to me.  There are some authors I read if I’m having a bad week and need to chill and read a book.  But for the times where I feel I need to stretch my mind and imagination Freya North’s books are always a good bet!

I’m making this book, my April book of the month

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