Hello everyone I’m back!!!

Sorry for the unscheduled time away, I had a difficult Christmas which culminated with my relationship breaking up.  So I’ve taken some time out to myself and now I’m ready to come back and continue with what I enjoy – reading!

I have two reviews in the pipeline so I’ll be busy writing these today and hope to post for you all soon.

Other than coming to terms with being single for the first time in over six years, I seem to be in good health and spirit.  I’m quite a sociable person, so getting used to being on my own is difficult.  I’ve temporarily moved back in with my parents, which feels odd.  I’ve never lived in their house before as they moved three years ago so it’s like staying at a hotel!  Hopefully once my house is sold I’ll be able to move in with a girlfriend; which is something to look forward to as she’s an amazing cook, super clean and tidy.  So maybe these three qualities will rub off on me!!!

I haven’t had the best of luck recently.  With the strong winds we’ve been experiencing in Sussex I’d managed to drive over a fallen branch down a dark country road which in some sort of fluke spun up and ripped the wing off my car and smash it up!  My now ex used to deal with all the car stuff, so now it’s a worry of sorting it myself and begging help from other people.  But I managed to find a replacement wing on eBay, and the fixings from a garage so once it arrives it’ll be a case of getting it painted and fitted.  Also car needs a service, which it has taken to reminding me each time I get in it.

Anyway, I hope you’re all well and look forward to getting back into the swing of things – any maybe 2013 is the year I start to share some of my writing with you!


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