About Rosie Review

I’m Rosie, I’m 27 and live in West Sussex.  I’m a budding writer as well as a book worm, although I dont think my work is anywhere close to the books I like to read.  I’m starting a English Language and Literature degree this year – cant wait to get studying again and hope what I learn will help with my writing.

I’ve always enjoyed reading, even from an early age I got into all the greats.  My passion for modern fiction came when my mother brought me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for Christmas 1997.  I was hooked and so chuffed that a few years later when JK Rowling’s books hit off that it inspired many of my friends to read too – so finally I could share my love for literature with my friends.  Then with the invention of the internet; forums, blogging and social networking taking off allowing me to share my love of literature with my new friends and creating this blog at the beginning of 2012.

You’ll find my blog posts slightly different from the majority of book reviewing blogs out there.  I try to follow the same format; posting a picture of the book cover and the “blurb” from the back page.  Then I write my review underneath – normally they’re not very long, and they will never contain any spoilers.  I hate, hate reading reviews which give away the major plot-lines of the book, tell you who did it and whether the main characters live happily ever after or not.  Thats is why for all books I never read any reviews before reading.  Some I don’t even read the “blurb” from the back page.   However I understand that some people might not be as brave as me, I’ll take a chance on a book just so I can state my opinion of it on here!  So I hope that my blog will not persuade you to read the book (I’ve got no interest in promoting the books for the authors!) but inspire you to try something outside your normal literature comfort zone as we’ve all got the genres we enjoy, but it’s good to try something different once in a while – you never know you might like it!

I enjoy reading, I read a-lot.  Mainly, Romance Chick Lit genres, although I do like some sci-fi / fantasy and thrillers.

My other love is Horses, so when I find a horsey book I’m in my element.

I hope you find this blog interesting and if you want to hear more, let me know and follow me on Twitter! @rosiereview or on Facebook: facebook.com/theoriginalrosiereview


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