Liebster Blog Awards – Have I Nominated You?

Thank you so much to Susan Buchanan (author of The Dating Game and Sign of the Times) for nominating my blog for this award.  

I didn’t really know much about the Liebster Award so after a bit of googling I felt really chuffed that Sooz had nominated me as it does primarily two things:

1.) Promotes new blogs

2.) Gives me a chance to write about myself!

LOL – How this works: People who get nominated have to state 11 “new” things about themselves, then answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated them and then nominate 11 more bloggers who’ll do the same.

I’m a bit :-0 about this all, really my blog isn’t something I do to gain praise or money (although the latter would be nice!) I’m a bookworm at heart, I love to read, I feel lost if I haven’t got a book on the go and it is my love for books which prompts me to write.  (Also my appalling memory prompts me to blog as it’s useful to document what I’ve read so I dont end up buying the same book again and again)  Also I have little moments of inspiration whilst I go about my day to day life which I jot down in a hope to string together into my own novel one day.  But time and commitments are conspiring against me at the moment!

So lets kick this thing off…


11 Random Things About Myself:

1.) I’m left handed

2.) I’m very musical and have always wanted to be a pop star!

3.) I’m rubbish with my money

4.) I’m addicted to shopping

5.) I’m a girl racer

6.) I wish I was Made In Chelsea

7.) I’d love to be a lady of leisure

8.) I have quite an imagination that sometimes runs away with me

9.) My fiance and I share the same birthday – 21st December

10.) My ultimate aim would be for one of my books (I’m hoping I get round to writing them) get made into a film

11.) I’ve been to the cinema on my own


Questions from Susan Buchanan:


If you could turn back time, what, if anything would you change?

I dont have any major regrets really.  I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if it is your destiny and you want it hard enough you’ll make it happen.  I do wish I was at the same stage of mental maturity I am now when I was at 18, looking back at the decisions I made at that time I could have applied myself more however I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the decisions and opportunities I took.  It’s been hard work but I’ve become to accept that life is hard work.

What 3 things did/do you definitely want to do before you turned 30/turn 30?

I’ve got three years until I turn 30.  Before then I’d like to graduate in English Language and Literature, I’ve just started with the OU and enjoying it so much.  I want to marry my fiance, we’re planning a wedding abroad and finances permitting I’m hoping it’s next year we get to run away to get married!  And finally I’d like to travel, particularly Ireland and Scotland as I’ve never been, oh and go back to Japan as I miss it so.

Favourite takeway food

Japanese – I love it all; tempura, sushi all of it!

If you could date a famous actor/actress for one night only (don’t read anything into this!) who would it be?

Colin Firth – yes he may be 25 years older than me but I just adore him in Love Actually and Bridget Jones.  I do like a quality English actor 🙂

Wildlife programmes or home makeover shows?

Wildlife especially if it has something to do with Horses!

Favourite city in the whole world

Oh this one is hard, I love London especially after the Olympics, the atmosphere there is just so amazing still makes me proud of my  capital.  Abroad I’d say it would be a toss between Tokyo and Barcelona.  Tokyo because there is a Meiji Shrine in the middle of the city where there are 100,000 trees.  It’s such a peaceful, calm within the storm of a bustling city.  And Barcelona as that is where my fiance proposed last December 🙂

City, countryside or by the sea?

I live in Sussex on the South East Coast so I’m luckily to have both Countryside and Sea – I’m a country girl at heart and wouldn’t fair too well if I had to live in the City

Do you have any particular talents (keep it at a PG level pls!)

Nothing extra ordinary; I would like to think that I can tell a good story

Which sport do you wish (if any) that you were really good at (or are you already really good at?)

I love horse riding and was really proud at how well my sport did at the Olympics.  I hope it’s raised the profile and squished the common perception that we’re all posh and rich.  I’m very poor (due to the horse) and not at all posh!  I wish I had the backing to be able to ride professionally full time and “play ponies” all day long.

If today was the last day of Mankind (cheery thought…) what would you like to be doing?

I would have a party with all my friends and family


11 Questions for my nominees:

1.) I have to say I write more than I read blog wise, so I’ve chosen to nominate 11 people who follow me at  Tell me about your blog, why you write and what inspires you.

2.) If you woke up as someone else tomorrow (famous, fictional or other) who would it be and why?

3.) Describe yourself in three words

4.) What would you rather eating out alone or going to the cinema alone?

5.) Dog or Cat?

6.) Who is your favourite author?

7.) What is your most cherished memory/experience?

8.) If I gave you a million pounds/dollars (whatever your currency is) what would you spend it on?

9.) If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you?

10.) Describe what a normal day off would be for you

11.) You have an hour to visit one place in London – where would you visit and why?


My 11 nominees are:






Author Thelma Cunningham

Daniel Postlethwaite


Wanderer from NY

Sandra’s Stories

TheCoevas Official


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