The First Time I Saw Your Face – Hazel Osmond


Jennifer had it all. But a terrible accident has taken almost everything. 

Moving back home, her future isn’t looking too bright. Until she meets Mack.

Sexy, dishevelled and just a little clumsy, he starts to make her believe that she can move on from the past and embrace life all over again. But he has a secret he’d do anything to protect and he’ll have to betray her to keep it…


I really enjoyed this book, however felt the middle bit let it down some what.  The quality of writing is good.  Very funny in places and well researched.  But I found myself getting a bit bored after Mack got found out, thinking get together already!  It was obvious how the book was going to end – which I don’t mind as it’s how they get there which I find more interesting.  But I was starting to think, I don’t care how these guys get together just do it already!

The description used is good, I could feel what Jen was going through and could relate to Mack’s predicament.  The humour had me laughing out loud in places.  The way Hazel has described the characters is great, she compares them to funny things.  I particularly liked how she’d described the people in the drama club.  I’m rating this as a good read.  My next book is Chloe by Freya North (I know an old one but I so enjoyed reading Sally a few weeks ago I have to read them all again)


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