Sally – Freya North

 She’s bored of nice – it’s time to be naughty.Sally Lomax is 25 and bored of being homely and predictable, so she’s decided to give the boot to being conventional and reinvent herself as a femme fatale. This is all well and good, but she’s going to need someone to practice on.Along comes Richard; suave, single and fiercely independent.She’s determined to be the one great erotic heroine of his life. He’s going to be her dream affair – no strings, no scone baking, just sex and sensuality. Until, that is, a New Year masked ball unmasks more than was intended…

Re-released with new artwork, Sally is still as good the second time round as the first.  The way it’s written is so personal; the interaction between author and reader.  Almost more like a play, where the narrator (the author) interacts with the reader.  It’s wonderful reading it again, a book written in a time where mobile phones or email wasn’t so popular as it is now.  No mention of a computer or mobile ever!  It’s a reminder of how relationships were and shows perhaps how modern technology can spoil dating for modern people.  Sally is a romance with a twist; a story which I think quite a few women can relate to.

It’s funny, and quite frustrating in places – but in a good way.  Freya is such a good writer that her books are enjoyable again and again even many years after they’ve been written.  Dare I say timeless???  You can see how her writing style has evolved throughout her career.  I’m rating Sally as a Must Read.  My next read is Nourished By That Which Consumes by Joseph Ephraim.



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  1. Freya North
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 20:37:46

    Dearest Rosie,
    I am truly touched by this – as I worried whether my girl Sal might seem a little ‘dated’ to today’s readers… I started this novel in 1991 – four years (and a pile of rejections) later and I had my first publishing deal – a crazy but magical time for me.
    So, she’s very special to me, is Sally Lomax – and I’m really really chuffed she’s special to you too. On behalf of all authors whom you support – heartfelt thanks for all you do for us.
    Freya N xx


    • rosiereview
      Sep 04, 2012 @ 21:08:08

      Hi Freya,
      I’m chuffed that you’ve found my small blog 🙂 It’s just something I do to keep me sane (and also keeping a note of what I’ve read to stop me buying a second copy of the same book!) in my spare time, along side working FT, my horse, homelife, and a degree. As you can imagine I dont like to sit and do nothing. I read to wind down and for me that means whilst watching TV at the same time – I’m not crazy honest!
      Thank you for your comment
      Rosie xx


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