The Perfect Location – Kate Forster

Join three Hollywood actresses as they set upon The Perfect Location to create a film that will change each of their lives forever. The question is, can you guess which real life star each of these characters is based upon?

Calypso arrived to the party first. She glowed in the courtyard like a firefly, stunning in a One Vintage gold lamé dress from the 1920s that had been reworked for her. The beaded appliqué around the low neckline shimmered and a tulle detail around the skirt edged up over one side to reveal just the right amount of thigh. Worn with a pair of patent leather Christian Louboutin black slingbacks and her new evening bag from the Perugia flea market, Calypso shone in the dark.

Next came Rose: tall and slender in a peach georgette chiffon, halter-neck Chloé gown, she was beautiful. Her shoulders and arms were lily white, and she wore a gold Etruscan cuff on one arm and matching gold hoop earrings, which showed off her long neck. Her brunette hair was swept up into a ponytail and she had applied her makeup in such a way that it looked as if she had barely any on but her features were perfect. Rose was an icon and had the power and had real respect within the industry.

And finally Sapphira arrived and the whole table fell silent. She stood in the doorway of the courtyard, wearing a white leather Pucci mini dress, with a huge silver and black eagle on the front looking as if it were about to land on its prey. She wore no jewellery and long black hair hung loosely down her back. Her legs seemed to stretch forever, ending in a pair of Balmain suede calf-high boots, with five silver buckles up each side. Her entrance stunned the room; it was dramatic and powerful, not unlike Sapphira herself.

An intricate web of passionate pasts, addictions, lovers and secrets

I enjoyed the story of this book.  I liked how each chapter was either Sapphira, Rose or Calypso’s story.  I was easily lost in this book, I read it quite quickly wanting to find out what happens next.  There are a few twists to the story,  some I dont agree with – like the ending to Sapphira’s story – I wont spoil it for you but after what she goes through in the book her ending does seem rushed.  Another bit I found a bit unbelievable was when Calypso leaves Italy and refuses to speak to her boyfriend until she was ready to and then he had to bend over backwards for her!

The characters were well written – with all the switching from chapter to character I didn’t get confused.  In fact it hooked me more as I had to read more chapters to get to what happens next for each character!  I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the female characters.  This book is fantastic if you’re looking for a holiday read – although I read it in two days so maybe pick something else to take with you as well!

I’m rating this book as a must read mainly due to it originality and how it’s written.


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  1. bibi1985
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 18:54:33

    I’m reading this at the moment, and can’t for the life of me figure out who’s based on which real life characters?! I’m thinking maybe Saphira is Angelina Jolie? Perhaps Blake Lively for Calypso? I don’t know…


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