Yours, Faithfully – Sheila O’Flanagan

Iona’s not pregnant. It’s a blow, but she knows that when husband Frank gets home he’ll reassure her that their dream of a family together will come true. Sally, on the other hand, has just discovered that she’s very much pregnant. Which is quite a surprise, with her only child now a seventeen-year-old. And Sally’s not sure how her husband’s going to feel about it, when he gets home. Except Frank’s not going to get home – to either of his wives. Frank’s bigamy of several years is about to be exposed, because Frank was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now his wives are going to meet in the hospital where he lies in a coma. And everything is about to change for all of them…

Sheila has written a great story which has verisimilitude whilst still keeping the reader interested.  Not what you would normally expect, but the characters keep the story going.  There isn’t much romance in this book, seeing that Frank spends the majority of it in a coma!  But the way that it has been written, being from each character’s point of view ensures that Frank has as much depth and interest as the other characters.  I was left questioning at a few points how Sheila was going to resolve the bigamy issue if Frank wakes up.  The book builds speed as it goes along, dangerously so as Sheila ties up the loose ends quite quickly at the end.  But I feel that it is the right ending.  Unlike some books I’ve read where they feel unfinished at the end, I’m grateful for the last few chapters. 

Ireland has always been some magical place for me, another country so close to my own, but then again so far away as a different way of life.  Sheila has drawn a perfect picture of this, having never been she’s described it well – so well that I could picture myself sitting on a wooden lounger on Enrique’s patio in the sun.

 If you want a raunchy read this book isn’t for you.  However the unusual storylines make this book interesting and compelling.

 I would recommend this book and rate it as a Good Read.



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