The Demon Girl – Penelope Fletcher

Rae Wilder has problems. Supernatural creatures swarm the earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, Rae thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall into demon territory. Plunged into a world of dark magics, fierce creatures, and ritual sacrifice, she is charged with a guarding a magical amulet. The changes to her mind and body are startling, but rather than accept her purpose she struggles against who she is destined to be. Throw in a big lust for a vampire who can’t keep his hands off her, and life starts to get complicated. Rae is forced to make the ultimate choice: to live and die human, or embrace her birth-right and wield magics that could turn her into something wicked, a force of nature nothing can control.

Oh Em Gee! This book is like pure perfection.  From the first page you’re transported into a parallel earth where the make believe is believable.  I’m not your classic fantasy lover.  But this book has a romance storyline which makes it like Twilight but with fairies!  You think of fantasy and I’m sure you’re visualising internet gaming geeks planning their next World of Warcraft convention.  But no this book is something I cannot put into words enough how good it is.  You’ll have to find out for yourself!

This book is the first book since Twilight that I’m actually addicted to.  I couldn’t function until I’d finished the book.  I couldn’t focus at work and I rushed home just so I could get my next fix.  I dreamt about the book and I sure as hell wished I could live the book.  It has everything; danger, romance and also that important hidden message which gets you thinking outside the storyline.  And best of all its a series.

I went straight onto Demon Day and then Demon Dark.  The next book is expected out this year, I cant wait.  I’m at a point where I wish I was Rae.

I’m rating this as a Must Read


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  1. Penelope Fletcher
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 14:44:14

    Just seen this review, how fab! So glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 px


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